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Kimono Photo Studio WA

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The kimono is famous worldwide as a national costume in Japan and many tourists who visit Japan would like to try on a kimono or purchase one. However, a genuine kimono is very expensive. Besides, the maintenance is difficult and the dressing skill is needed.
Kimono Photo Studio WA offers a portrait sitting with luxury kimonos at a reasonable price. All of our authentic Japanese kimonos are hand-selected by professional kimono makers and weaved from genuine silk. We made them easy to dress in so that our customers do not get tired and can enjoy Japanese culture during the photo session.
The style of our kimonos is called "Uchikake", which was the popular style worn by aristocratic women living in castles during the feudal era. Even Japanese women do not wear this style of kimono often.
Please enjoy kimono photo shooting and have a peaceful time at Kimono Photo Studio WA!

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